Popcorn Time is the way and freeware on both iOS and Android as well as Apple TV,Android TV,Roku,PlayBox,MyBox ,Fire TV Stick and other media devices to watch favorite Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons,Animated Movies with free and automatic loading subtitles.Please use this to download and watch your favorite Movies and TV Shows for free without redirections.

Popcorn Time Screenshots

Walkthrough the guide on the popcorn time app and popcorn time forum.

1. Popcorn Time front page (mobile)

1.1     Search Bar

1.2     Share Now Button


I.       Index

II.      Try browsing by genre

III.     Sort by genre option

IV.     Quality of your content

V.      Bookmark your favorites

VI.     Notification

VII.   Downloads

VIII.  Settings

2. Popcorn Time front page (desktop)

3. How To

4. Use the Popcorn Time forum 

5. Conclusion

In our all tutorial guides, we guide you through downloading and installing POPCORN TIME on your device. As we believe, familiarizing yourself with the app is of utmost importance before using Popcorn Times.

So, in this guide, we are going to pay attention to every single feature of the POPCORN TIME front page and popcorn time forum.

Popcorn time front page eye-catching UI design makes you feel like you are walking through selves of a video library in search of your favourite content. As soon as you enter the app, you will see movies arranged, like tiles, in popularity order.

Popcorn Time mobile homepage

Search Bar

The search bar, where you can type in the name of your desired content, has been designed to the top right corner of the front window. Unlike other free mods, POPCORN TIME doesn’t suggest the name as you type the name of the video.

Share Now Button

Left to the search icon is the share button. Tap on this button to put the word about popcorn time to your friends. Download link of POPCORN TIME mobile version can be shared on different social media platforms, like Facebook, WhatsApp and telegram, by tapping this icon. Get more seeders and peers and help popcorn time users to improve the download speed of the content.


The menu is symbolized with three white parallel lines designed to the top left corner next to the popcorn time icon. Tap on the menu. As you tap a sliding section populate on the screen.

In the topmost pane of the menu, you can see the version of popcorn time, social media links to popcorn time pages and channels, and the web address of the popcorn time official site.

Just below the top black pane is a blue pane.


Select cinema or animate out of these two options if you want to pop up either animated movies or other movies as you open the app.

Try browsing by genre

Just below the cinema tab, you can find the genre tab. By using this option you can filter out contents out of 23 different genres that have been lined up in alphabetical order. Popularity has been selected by default.

1. Action 2.Adventure 3.Animation

4. Biography

5. Comedy 6. Crime

7. Documentary 8.Drama

9. Family 10.Fantasy 11.Film-Noir

12. History 13.Horror

14. Music 15.Musical 16. Mystery

17. Romance

18. Sci-Fi 19. Short 20. Sport

21. Thriller

22. War 23. Western

Sort by option

By selecting one out of these three options you can arrange content based on its popularity, date of addition and premiere year by default.

Quality of your content

Thick on the quality of the video that you want to filter out, out of four qualities 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.

Bookmark your favourites

Check the movies that you have selected as your favourite in this section that symbolized a heart.


You can find the information about the latest updates under this section.


Tap on the download button and you will see movies and TV series that are being downloaded, paused and fully downloaded. You may pause and stop downloading under this section.


Settings have been divided into five sections.

I.       Interface Settings

II.      Player Setting

III.     Subtitle Settings

IV.     Download Settings

V.      About


You can create a VPN account as recommended by the popcorn time team from here.

I. Interface settings

Interface type

Here you can change the interface type either horizontally or vertically out of two options, Mobile and TV. Changing it to the TV you can open the content on full screen. The mobile option has automatically been selected.


Here you can change the language of the app. Languages that support this app are,

1. English

2. Dutch

3. Brazilian Portuguese

4. Russian

5. Spanish

6. Turkish

7. Italian

Start page

Select the content choices you want to pop up, as you open the app, out of four.

Cinema – Movies

Cinema -TV Shows

Animated -Movies

Animated – TV Shows

II. Player Settings

Hardware Acceleration

To stream the contents with high graphic quality and audio quality you have been offered four options.

III. Subtitle settings


Do you find it is hard for you to understand the speaking language of the content?  With popcorn time, you can enjoy content with different subtitles. Select the language out of 29 languages or watch without subtitles.

Font size

Select font size out of five sizes. We would recommend you to use normal size.

Change Font Color

Choose default white or yellow as you pleased.

IV. Download Settings

Find out about movies that have been downloaded and paused, and that is being downloaded.

Use only Wi-Fi connection

Tick if you don’t want to use mobile data to download content.

Connection limit

Under this section, you may set the download speed. It has been selected as unlimited. Keep it as it is.

Set upload speed 

Keep it set to zero as it has been selected.

Cache folder

Destination of your device where you want to create cash folder as described in how popcorn time work does.

Clear Cache

Thick on the clear cache to clean all temporarily downloaded files as you exit from the file.

Check connection

Tick on this and you will be alerted when your VPN is off. You can buy a VPN as recommended by the popcorn time team.

Notify me of new episodes

As soon as a new episode is added, you will get a notification.

V. About

You will find the web addresses of Popcorn Time official site and Popcorn Time forum where you get to meet popcorn time lovers and get answers to your burning questions about this app.

To get the maximum out of POPCORN TIME, make these settings

Just below the search bar section, you can find Movies and TV series tabs. Browse through them.

Popcorn Time desktop homepage

In addition to the popcorn time mobile interface features, you can find an option to increase and decrease the sizes of the contents’ tiles to the right bottom corner. To learn about the keyboard shortcuts click on the I button on the top of the right corner just below the close button.

How to filter out a content

Assume you want to filter out a comedy animation movie of 2021 with 1080p quality

1. First go Index and select animate

2. Then select genre as comedy

3. Select sort by year

4. Finally select quality

How to stream a content

1. Click on a tile icon of it and click on the watch now button.

2. You’ll get a message warning you to use a VPN.

3. Use VPN if your country has put restrictions on this kind of content and select continue

4. Movies will soon start to play based on the number of peers and your internet speed.

Popcorn Time forum 

Powered by PhpBB language, the popcorn time forum help you find answers to all of your burning issues on the popcorn time app, simply login to the popcorn time forum. You may use this forum with or without creating an account.

Find a solution

To ask a question go to the search bar on the top right corner. Simply type in your question and search. You may find similar questions that have been asked in this forum. Go through the search results and check if it is there.

Create an account

Sometimes you might not be able to find out the question that you are looking for. In that case, you have to create an account to post questions on this forum.

1. Click on the register button located just under the search bar.

2. Agree with terms and conditions of popcorn time forum.

3. Produce your username, email and password and drag answers to the question asked.

4. Click submit button.

5. You will get an email, but you are not required to go to your email inbox and click on the confirmation link.

6. Give your login credentials and log in.

7. Go to the appropriate forum and post your question and get answers from both members and administrators of popcorn time.

At the bottom of the page, you can find out, what you are permitted to do as a member.

a)       Post new topics

b)      Edit posts

c)       Reply to topics

d)      Delete post

e)       Post attachments

Apart from those writes, you can send private messages, email your fellow users, and subscribe to user groups. Also, you may suggest movies that need to be added to the popcorn time app.  

To learn more about how to use this popcorn time forum and get an in-depth understanding to click on the Frequently Asked Questions button.


With this eye-popping user interface design, now you can increase the inner peace of your mind, by simply going up and down through the contents list, even at times that you don’t want to stream content with the popcorn time app. Similarly, the popcorn time forum helps you to find out solutions to your burning popcorn issues.