Popcorn Time Android

Installation, troubleshooting guide and popcorn time alternatives for Android-powered devices.‌

  1. Why popcorn time for Android?
  2. Download and install
    1. Download and install on Android mobile phone.
    1. How to download and install on Amazon Fire Stick
    1. How to install popcorn time on Chromecast
  3. Troubleshooting Guide
  4. Popcorn time alternatives as of 2021
  5. Features of PT android over other free apps
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Conclusion

Hey, Android users. Did you know that now you have got a way to stream free movies and TV shows on your android powered devices like your handheld mobile phone, Amazon fire stick, and android TV? With the free-to-use Popcorn Time app now you have all the abilities to watch the latest content on your android phone and Android TV. Unlike some other free apps, you are not required to download an extra player while using this app as it has been developed with an inbuilt player.

Why popcorn time for Android?

Although there are plenty of free apps for Android OS to stream free movies and TV shows compared to other OSes like iOS, none of them seems to be as efficient as the popcorn-time.

Download and install

Download and install on Android mobile phone.

How to download popcorn time on your Android phone
1. Go to settings
2. Scroll down until you encounter the lock screen and security and tap on it.
3. Scroll down and you’ll see unknown sources. Turn on unknown sources toggle.
4. Open up your chrome browser and go to the official site of Popcorn time
3.You’ll see different versions of this and download the Android version 3.6.9
4.As you tap on download your phone will pop up a message saying that the app you are going to download may harm your device and if you want to continue downloading. Tap on yes. You tap downloading starts.
It may take somewhere between few seconds to minutes to finish the download procedure to finish.
5. Now go to file manager and under downloads, you will see the apk of popcorn time. Tap on it to start the installation process.
6. As you tap, you’ll be asked if you want to install it. Tap on yes.
7. Once it is finished installing you’ll be to open the popcorn app. Tap on open.
8. One-time message asking your permission to allow using user phones media will populate. Tap on allow

Now you can enjoy the latest episodes of your go-to TV show or movie.

How to download and install on Amazon Fire Stick

1. First go to my fire stick and click on it.
2. Then go to the developer option tab and click on it.
3. Under this you will be able to see the Install apps from unknown sources option and turn it on.
4. Go back to the main menu and under find click on the Find option.
5. Under this you can see the search tile. Click on it.
6. Now, type in the downloader to go to the downloader.
7. Download the downloaded if you already haven’t.
8. Tap on the open button which displays after the process is completed. Allow this app to access your media details.
9. Now type in the web address of popcorn-time official website address and download the apk and install it.
10. Go back to install apps from unknown sources and turn them off.

How to install popcorn time on Chromecast

1. First go to the setting
2.Then scroll down until you meet the system and click on it.
3. Now Go to about and select it.
4. Under about find Android TV OS build option and tap on it around six to eight times to enable the developer option.
5. Now go back to the Apps tab which in setting option and click on it.
6. At the bottom you will find the security and restriction tab to select it.
7. Now you can see install apps from unknown sources. Turn it on all three toggles.
8. Once it is on, goes to the downloader and type in the URL of PT official website along with HTTP://, and click go.
9. Now select the version of the app to download and install.

Now that we have discussed downloading and installation of this app, it’s time for us to look into probable issues and how to solve them while using the android version of this app.

Troubleshooting Guide

Not enough disk space

Sometimes, when you are about to stream content this message will pop up. This is because the free space of your device is lesser than the file size of your selection. In that case, you have to either choose content with fewer file sizes or free up your storage.

Give error message while trying to download a content

If you keep getting the above error message “Error Data Loading, try again later” here are some solutions to fix that issue.

Solution 1
First trying to clean cache folder of PT
Solution 2
Uninstall and reinstall the popcorn-time app.
Solution 3
Tap the ‘watch it now’ button. As the blue bar fills you can watch movies.
Solution 4
Sometimes error has got something to do with your VPN service. Try a different VPN service. Under the VPN not compatible issue, we have listed some reliable VPN services.

VPN not compatible issue

You may use the following VPN services as most of the PT users seem to be using when they either watch or download content.

1.Node VPN
2.Pure VPN
3.Serf Shark VPN
4.Express VPN

If you keep getting troubles regarding the installation you might be feeling pretty disappointed. But what if we told you that there is plenty of other fish in the sea. Here are some substitutes for PT.

Popcorn time alternatives as of 2021

Best tried and tested popcorn time alternatives as of 2021 September for your android phone to stream the latest TV shows and movies.

Cine hub/Cima hub/Cinema hub

Try to search in the play store using the above names as the developers of this app to change its names from time to time to survive in the play store as an app that contains copyrighted materials. Only 720P quality of contents can be found here.
On top of that, when you either try to play content or exit from playing this app play advertisements. Furthermore, if you cannot find the content that you want to stream simply go to the request-movie option which you will find under the menu.

More importantly, when typing in a name you have to type every single letter of the content correctly otherwise you will not get the desired result, as this app doesn’t suggest names like other free streaming apps.

How to download and install Cinema Hub

The installation process of this application is as same as you install an app from the play store.
Go to the play store and search for the app using one of the above three keywords.
Click on the install button like you and it will be installed on your device.

Netflix by APKfolks

Although it sounds like Netflix, it has no affiliation with Netflix. This version is just a free streaming mod application developed by some other development team and this is also powered by torrent technology like popcorn time application.

How to download and install Netflix by Apkfolks

1.As this application cannot be found on the Google play store, to download simply search by its name in Google.
2. After the download process is completed go to settings and turn on install apps from unknown sources.
3. Now go back to the download folder and tap on the downloaded setup file and it will be installed on your android device.

With Netflix by Apkfolks now you can stream up to date episodes and the latest films that are available in different qualities with English subtitles. Ads will be played as you stream. If you are not satisfied with the inbuilt player, you can still use the players as recommended by its developers.

In this application, you will find Peacock, Netflix, Apple original TV shows.

Features of PT android over other free apps

1. Ad-free.
2. Streaming quality up to 2160P
3. Dubbing of content available.
4. Search contents based on different genres and categories.
5. Download the movie and watch it offline.
6. Can be installed on Android-powered sticks and TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why popcorn time app isn’t available on the google play store?

To be able to get accepted, apps are required to adhere to the play store’s policies. As popcorn time android contents are copyrighted materials play store hasn’t allowed this app to be on their store. 

2. How can I report a bug about popcorn times?

You can get in touch with the developers of this app through the GitHub repository.

3. Is popcorn-time advertisement free?

Yes. Unlike other free streaming services, this is an ad-free service.

4. Is it ok if I stream contents without a VPN?

It a subjective question that merely based on your geographic area. However, we would recommend you to use a VPN as recommended by PT developers.


Popcorn time android version helps you to stream movies and TV shows for free. Now you can install this awesome app both on your android mobile device and your Android-powered TV stick like fire stick and Chromecast. If you face any issues while trying to install or play content via this app both the popcorn-time forum and GitHub form can help you find answers to all of your questions.

If you feel popcorn time is not the most suitable selection you can try out another alternative as we have listed above. However, as per our understanding popcorn time, the android version is by far the best of all free services.

So folks, what are your thoughts about the Popcorn time android version?