Popcorn Time Download

A set by step guide on Popcorn Time download and install Popcorn Time on your device.

     1.About Popcorn Time

     2. History of Popcorn Time

     3. How does this app work?

    4. Install Popcorn Time on your device

               4.1 Install Popcorn Time on iOS device

               4.2 Install POPCORN TIME on your Android device

               4.3 Install POPCORN TIME on your Windows OS

               4.4 Install POPCORN TIME on your Amazon Firestick

               4.5 Install POPCORN TIME on Mac OS

               4.6 Install POPCORN TIME on Linux

     5. How to download files from POPCORN TIME

     6. Prons and Cons of POPCORN TIME over other streaming platforms

    7. Here is what would happen if you don’t use a VPN

     8. Conclusions

When it comes to finding a perfect way to stream free tv-series and movies,we have all been falling pray to fake streaming apps and malware progarmms. But thanks to Popcorn Time developers, now we have got a more reliable way to enjoy our favourite TV series.

Popcorn Time, with the help of VPNs, allows us to cut through red tapes and watch our favourite TV series to our heart’s content while being a law-abiding citizen.😜

In this step by step walkthrough guide, we will be explaining how to download and install this fabulous app on your device.

But, before we jump in on how to download and install POPCORN TIME, Let’s take a a brief look at its history and its overview.

About Popcorn Time

It’s got open-source code meaning – anyone with coding knowledge is free to develop this piece of software. The source code of this app can be found in the GitHub.com repository(github.com/popcorn-official).

In addition, POPCORN TIME is powered by BitTorrent technology.No matter what kind of device you have got, POPCORN TIME developers have made it possible for you to install it on every device.

POPCORN TIME is compatible with,

1.Android OS


3.Windows OS

4.Fire Stick/Android TV

5.Mac OS

6.Linux OS

History of Popcorn Time

Streaming favourite TV shows on premium platforms like Netflix had been setting tv-series buffs back nearly hundreds of bucks annually by 2014.And that was when an Argentinean developer came up with the idea of Popcorn Time. Since its advent things haven’t been easy for POPCORN TIME; however it has managed to survive as the best free Netflix alternative throughout bygone days.

How does this app work?

POPCORN TIME is a hybrid of torrent and streaming technologies. As you touch the play now button, the torrent file begins to download to the cache of your device as a temporary file (vanish as you exit from the file), which is why it is always recommended to have a memory space greater than the file size of the torrent.

Now that we have discussed the history and overview of the POPCORN TIME app, It’s time for us to turn to the download guidelines.

Install Popcorn Time on your device

Install Popcorn Time on iOS device

No Jailbeaking is required

1.Go to settings of your iOS device

2.Scroll down until you come across the general Popcorn Timeion and tap on it.

3.Scroll down until you encounter a background app refresh and tap on it.

4.Check if background app refresh is on; If it is not on and set it to wifi and mobile

5.Once all of the above steps are completed, you are all set for the installation.

6.Now, open up your safari browser and go to the popcorn-official site for the latest version of POPCORN TIME, otherwise, you’d end up downloading either malicious versions of this app or viruses only to harm your device’s files.

Install POPCORN TIME on your Android device

1.Open up your chrome browser and go to POPCORN TIME official site(link)

2.Once it is downloaded, go to the file manager of your device and in the download folder, you’ll find the.apk setup file

3.Tap on it to install

4.As this is not a play store app, your phones will prevent you from installing on security concerns.

5. Then again go to setting and turn on ‘install from unknown sources’  section

6.Now you should be able to install the app.  

Install POPCORN TIME on your Windows OS

1.Go to the official website and download the windows version.

2.Double click on the download file

3.Tick on both run popcorn Time and create a shortcut

4.Click Next and agree with the terms and conditions of this app

5.Click on the Install button

6.Double click on your desktop Popcorn Time icon

7.As the app opens one-time message will pop up asking you to agree with their terms and conditions again

8.Click on the I accept button.

Install POPCORN TIME on your Amazon Firestick

1.Search for the downloader app and download it.

2.Open up downloader and type in URL of Google as http://google.com and click Go button

3.Once it is loaded search for popcorn apk

4.Now a file size of 46.71 MB has been downloaded to your Fire Stick.Next click on the Install button

If your fire stick doesn’t allow you to install due to security restrictions, simply go to the device and software menu in settings, and turn on the Apps from unknown settings on.

5.Go to the app and channel, and you can see the POPCORN TIME icon.

Install POPCORN TIME on Mac OS

1.Go to the official site and download the Mac version set up

2.Go to download of your browser

3.Click on set up and message saying this cann’t be open as it is from an unidentified developer might populate

4.In that case,go to system preferences and go to security and privacy

5.Click on open anyway

6.Now the app has started to install and accept terms of sevice

Install POPCORN TIME on Linux

1.Go to POPCORN TIME official site

2.Once it is downloaded extract the file

3.After that go inside the extracted file

4.Right Click on the install icon and go to the permission tab

5.Tick on allow executing file as programme 

6.Open up the power shell and drag and drop the file named install.

7.You’ll be asked if you agree with the terms and conditions. Simply type  ‘I agree’ and enter.

8.Now go back to extracted file and double click on the file named Popcorn Time to commence the installation process.

How to download files from POPCORN TIME

1.Open up the app

2.Go to the search bar and type in the name of the movie that you want to download.

3.Tap on the movie

4.You will find the download button to the left bottom. Don’t be hurry to download as soon as you see the button.

5.Scroll down a little bit and in the bottom-most pane, you can select the subtitle, language(dubbing) and quality of the content you are about to download.

5.Once you select all of the above requirements, tap on the download button.

6.Now you can notice how the picture on the download button has changed.

7.If you tap again on the download button, you can see the movies that are currently downloading.

You may either pause or delete the file halfway through the download.

Prons and Cons of POPCORN TIME over other streaming platforms


1.Huge collections of movies and tv shows to choose from

(Due to this reason it has got a nickname called ‘ Netflix for Pirates’. )

2.No subscription fee

3. Add your own subtitle file.

4.Watch contents in different languages

5.Search contents based on genre, quality, and date of addition


1.Not all the contents found on POPCORN TIME are of good quality(both video and audio).Neither 4K quality nor 3D movies of the contents can be found.

2.This is a P2P (peer to peer) torrent site. So, as a rule of thumb download speed of    each content merely depends on the number of peers. Some movies have fewer seeders, making streamers waiting for a long time.

3.Depending on your geographic area, streaming copy write content can be taboo.

4.Most of the language dubbed movies are not available.

Here is what would happen if you don’t use a VPN

Streaming content without a secure VPN might expose your identity to your IS provider as well as to your government, leading you to criminal offences. Since its debut in 2014, both Popcorn Time and its users have had to undergo multiple laws suits and challenges. In 2015,16 US streamers were charged for using this platform to watch a tv series called Survivors and in the same year, another lawsuit was filed by an Israeli satellite and cable tv provider, forcing the Israeli government to block access to POPCORN TIME.

In addition, the UK, Denmark and Italy took similar actions against blocking sites which hosted the POPCORN TIME app in 2015.

So, as the developers of Popcorn Time always warn with frequent popup message, you ought to choose a VPN.when choosing a VPN, you have the chance to buy either the one recommended by POPCORN TIME developers for $3 or choose any other trustworthy one.


POPCORN TIME has arguably been the most sought after free streaming application among tv-series and movie lovers since its debut. And last but not least,  when using this app, it is always advisable to use a trustworthy VPN  to avoid being caught by your local bureaucrats.

So, guys, It’s Time to have Popcorn with Popcorn Time.