How to download and use Popcorn time on Roku.

Popcorn Time is a free multi-language and open-source application. It uses to stream videos on demand. When you compare it with the other video streaming application it makes huge improvements in the last two-three years. Its interface and ability to make many remarkable achievements among the video streaming applications. It has a large video collection like other competitors.

When you compare it with the other streaming applications it’s free to download and also available with more platforms and devices. Do most Roku users ask that is it possible to stream Popcorn time on Roku? Simply answer is yes. You can use Android, Mac, Windows, Screencasting or Plex. Also, you can stream Popcorn Time on Roku TV.

It can become a little confusing when you try to learn how to use Popcorn Time on Roku. That is because this application can be used in few different ways.

There are few different methods to download Popcorn Time on Roku.

Download Popcorn Time using Plex. 

There is no specific app for Popcorn Time. So you will have to find another way to get the app on Roku. You can overcome this problem by download the Popcorn Time connect through Plex. It is an available app on Roku. Here are the steps you want to follow to download this app. Before you going to download it you should have a computer.

step 1- First you should download the Plex media app on your computer. Then open the                 application.

step 2- When you open the app locate the popcorn time channel on Plex and install it      following the application directions.

step 3- Then you can download Plex on your Roku device.

step 4- Now you will be able to use Plex with Popcorn time to stream from your PC to your            television using the Roku device. Most importantly you don’t need any additional      installation with this method.

Another method is you can download and install Popcorn Time using screencasting. It is another simple way to use Popcorn Time with Roku. Its downloading and installation guidelines are specific to your operating system.

If you have a mac device you can use it too.

step 1- For that, you can locate the download link for your operating system.

step 2- Then select the download option. Now open the downloaded file and then you can follow the setup guidelines then finally click install to finish the installation.

* Some time you may need to change your devices security settings to allow you to download third-party apps. You can do it through the Preferences menu.

Also, You can use your PC to download Roku. For that download, the link from your operating system and after the download opens the file and follow the guidelines set up to install it.

Before you are going to stream begin to your Roku device you will need to set a setup of your Popcorn Time application. When you open the Popcorn Time app you can see the setting button is on the top of the right corner of the interface. Then you can click on it and adjust your Language, Subtitle, cache, and VPN alert option. This will help to improve your overall user satisfaction. It also helps to maintain security while using Popcorn Time.

How to stream Popcorn Time to Roku.   

After download and install Roku to your computer you can use that system to cast your screen to your Roku device.

Casting Roku using Mac.

First, you can download the application Mirror for Roku from the iTunes store. Once you did the download make sure that your Mac and Roku are on the same router channel. Now you can directly stream Popcorn Time to your Roku device.

The mirror app is not free. If you want free access we recommend the Plex method. 


Popcorn Time is the best movie streaming application that you can use to stream Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons and other cinema experience for free.So please use this application to watch your ultimate Cinemas with your family members without going to Cinema Theater or elsewhere.

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